Prep your car for winter.

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While winterizing your car may not be on the top of your priority list, it definitely should be. The last place you want to be is stranded by the side of the road in one of Colorado’s notorious blizzards.
Here are some things you should get done to your car before the temperatures start to fall:
Snow Tires 
Even if your car comes equipped with all wheel drive, an anti-lock braking system, and traction control, snow tires are still a smart investment. Snow tires differ from the standard all-season tires because they have tiny grooves within the tread that create a much more secure grip on icy or snow-covered roadways.
Windshield Wipers and Fluid 
You rely on your windshield wipers when driving in snow to keep your windshield clear. What you rely on even more is your windshield wiper fluid. So, before winter arrives, make sure your windshield wiper blades are in tip-top shape and your fluid is full. If your wipers don’t do a great job of cleaning your windshield, but you don’t think you need new ones either, try giving them a thorough wipe down. In fact, all year round, wiping down your blades every time you refill your windshield wiper fluid is a good habit to get into.
Even when it’s not currently snowing, but snowed the day before, we have all experienced the mess that comes with cars in front of us kicking up snow and slush. So be sure not to forget about your wipers!
When it comes to wiper fluid, make sure you get a bottle of de-icer fluid. This fluid is made for wintery conditions and will prevent your windshield from icing up.
Your battery is another part of your car you definitely want to check. If you’re headed out in wintery conditions, you want to make sure your car has the electric power it’ll need to get you there. Most batteries last about 4-6 years. So, if you’re within that range, you might even consider getting a new one. While you’re driving your car, your battery supplies the electricity, but your battery is also being recharged at the same time by your alternator. Once your battery is no longer able to retain a charge, it’s a dead battery. Don’t wait until it’s 30 degrees outside to find out your battery is dead. Get it checked ahead of time.
Tire Pressure
In addition to making sure you have the right tires on your vehicle, you want to check your tire pressure as well. Don’t panic if you go into your garage one morning on your way to work and see that your tire pressure light is on, though. The colder temperatures in the winter make the air in your tires compress, so that signals to the car that your pressure is low. Once you drive for a few miles, however, the air will warm up and the tire pressure light will go off. This is also another reason, however, to not rely on your car’s machinery to tell you when your tire pressure is low. Give your tires a quick check about one a month (preferably not first thing in the morning for the same reason as stated above) to ensure that your tires are properly inflated.
Winter doesn’t just mean Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and snowball fights. It’s also means having to brave winter conditions in your vehicle. So, just as you make sure you’re all bundled up in your winter gear before heading outside, make sure your vehicle has everything it needs to face the cold, too.
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