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When it comes time to buy a used vehicle, there are many factors to take into consideration because even though the car is not brand new, you want to get a nice long life out of it and not have to take it in for repairs after just a few months. To avoid getting stuck with a used car that’s going to need to a lot of repairs, we encourage you to deal with a car dealership that offers comprehensive used car warranties; if you see that no warranties are offered, you want to run, not walk, away and find a dealership that stands behind its vehicles. That’s where we come in.

Action Nissan of Nashville offers the peace of mind you need and deserve when it’s time to buy a certified pre-owned/used vehicle you love. Many people are actually opting to choose a used vehicle instead of new because of the drastic depreciation new cars suffer when driven off the car lot and because used car prices are much more affordable than new car prices for many people. Let’s take a look at what guarantees you get when you buy a used vehicle from Action Nissan.

Nissan Certified Used Vehicles.

The Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Limited Warranty extends the powertrain coverage of the Nissan new vehicle limited warranty to 84 months from the original in-service date of the vehicle or 100,000 total miles on the odometer, whichever comes first. Also, this warranty extends to all authorized Nissan dealerships and repair/service centers nationwide.With only a $50 deductible, you just can’t beat the Nissan used car warranty offered on all CPO vehicles.

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For Extensive Protection, The Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Limited Warranty covers 600+ components in the engine block, transmission, and electrical systems.

Genuine Nissan Parts

This coverage ensures that any part replacements will be made using genuine Nissan new or remanufactured parts or Nissan-approved parts. The limited warranty booklet provides information regarding conditions and exclusions.

Nissan Optional Security+Plus® Pre-Owned Preferred “WRAP”

Nissan’s Security+Plus® Pre-Owned Preferred contract provides additional coverage that “wraps” around the Certified Limited Warranty by providing coverage for a total of 1,450+ components including: engine; transmission; drive axle; steering; suspension; electrical; brakes; AC/heater; body; interior; and OEM audio and visual. This type of coverage is offered in two terms: 84 months/100,000 miles or 96 months/120,00 miles with a $0 deductible.

If you run out gas, get a flat tire or need some other type of roadside assistance, you’ll get Roadside Assistance 24/7 (24 hours a day seven days a week). If your car is not drivable, this warranty provides free towing to the nearest Nissan dealership, up to 250 miles. If a covered part suffers a mechanical breakdown when you’re 100 miles or more away from home, you’ll be covered up to $500, and the warranty offers car rental up to $35 a day for up to five days. The towing benefit provides up to $100 per claim if a covered part fails.

TitleGuard+Plus® Title Insurance

The TitleGuard+Plus® Program ensures your vehicle has a clean title history. It protects you against hidden DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) title defects, title fraud/forgery, evidence of odometer rollback, stolen vehicles, etc., with up to $50,000 of coverage.

TitleGuard+Plus® covers you for the term of the Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty from title defects that may surface after the purchase date due to delays in Department of Motor Vehicles reporting. So, if the DMV doesn’t provide necessary information about your vehicle in a timely manner, your coverage is not affected.

The CPO Promise

Are you wondering what makes a car “certified pre-owned”? That’s a common question we get, and the answer is really quite simple.

Every single certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle on our lot must meet or exceed the criteria established by Nissan and they must pass a rigorous inspection process. What does that entail? Our team of Nissan certified automotive technicians will thoroughly inspect every aspect of the vehicle including the title history, the engine & drivetrain, the exterior, the interior and every inch of the vehicle with keen eyes and advanced technology. If, and only if, the Nissan vehicle successfully passes this stringent inspection process, the car, truck, van or SUV will receive a Certificate of Inspection, which authenticates that it’s met or exceeded Nissan’s standards. When our vehicles are admitted into the Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Program, we price them based on market research, and get them ready for placement on the lot to be test driven by our loyal (and first-time) customers.

There are numerous benefits to buying a CPO vehicle including:

84-month/100,000-mile limited warranty
Vehicle title history report
Vehicle title insurance policy
24-hour Roadside Assistance
Trip-interruption coverage
Comprehensive inspection
Car Rental Reimbursement
Genuine Nissan parts
Factory-trained technicians
Optional Security+Plus® Pre-Owned Preferred WRAP Service Contract
With used car warranties this extensive, why buy your next used vehicle anywhere else? Action Nissan, serving Nashville, Murfreesboro and surrounding areas has a huge selection of CPO vehicles priced to sell today.

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